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All about benefits of yoga and how it helped my overall wellbeing.

Some people think that doing yoga is easy and not as effective because all you are doing is that you are resting. But actually, yoga has a lot of holistic benefits for our bodies. Not only is it beneficial for our physical health, but it is also very beneficial for mental health. However, before we start to discuss yoga and it’s several holistic benefits for our body let me tell you how I fell in love with yoga first.

A few years back I was working in accounting and a long day in a stressful, toxic environment, sitting in front of the computer and watching numbers did not do good to my physical and mental health. I had a stiff neck and back muscles that caused lots of pain for many years due to the same sitting posture. Lots of stress that caused me migraines, digestive issues and lack of sleep. I was so tense all the time back then that I could barely ever relax and almost always felt my muscles tensed in my jaw, neck and shoulders. I used to catch myself at work holding my fist tight from the tension I felt inside.

I realised that I had to do something as my health was drastically deteriorating. I have tried physiotherapy, deep tissue massage and various exercise. But it only helped temporarily, until I discovered yoga.

I have been trying various yoga practises back then: Vinyasa yoga, Kundalini yoga and Yin yoga has been my favourites. I have been practising approximately two-three times a week after work when I started to see changes. Yoga has been like a 'miracle fix' for me back then. I remember coming into yoga practice all tensed and stress after the long day at work and leaving like a new person, completely refreshed and rested.

That is when I started to do yoga every day at home. I found some videos and apps that provided me with different short yoga exercise to do it at home. My neck and back pain quickly started to improve, my digestion got better and my stress levels went down. Even if I was feeling stressed at work I could now easily relax with yoga afterwords. So, yoga has helped my health tremendously, it's also a great practice that has a flow to it which engages your body, entertains your mind and relaxes your soul. This is why I love yoga.

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So, here we will discuss yoga and its several holistic benefits for our body.

What is yoga?

Yoga in itself is a group of activities that are effective in our physical, mental, and spiritual health. Although we use it according to our modern-day techniques, its origin is from the old yoga schools of Buddhism and Hinduism. It comes with a lot of holistic benefits for our body which we have discussed below.

What are the physical benefits of yoga for overall wellbeing?

Here are some benefits of yoga on our physical health.

Increased metabolism and weight reduction.

When we practice yoga in our lives regularly, it provides better metabolism that can be very helpful in weight reduction.

Great for dealing with back pain.

Several yoga exercises include keeping your body in a specific position for a specific period. This also included relaxing and stressing your body at certain points. One great benefit of this for our body is that it helps in curing back pain.

Better muscle and joint health.

As mentioned above, yoga exercises include a lot of different positions and stretching. This significantly increases joint and muscle health. Along with this, it is also very beneficial for our bone health.

Improved athletic performance.

If you are an athlete, then practicing yoga regularly will significantly improve your athletic performance. It is because of the following factors.

• Better muscle and joint health.

• Better blood circulation.

• Better metabolism.

Better cardiac health.

When we are practicing yoga, some of the exercises promote moving the body a lot. Along with moving the body, there are significant breathing patterns that we have to follow. As we are doing both of these together, it gets significantly beneficial for our health and the whole systems of blood vessels.

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What are the mental benefits of yoga for overall wellbeing?

Apart from the benefits of yoga on our physical health, there are several benefits to our mental health as well. Here we will discuss some of them.

Helps manage stress levels.

Stress is one of the biggest problems that we have to deal with. A great benefit of doing yoga is that it can help us in managing stress in our lives. This makes our lives a lot easier. Additionally, as you are controlling the stress levels in your body, regular yoga sessions can also help you in staying calm. It is because most of the time yoga is practised in a calm environment.

Helpful for sleeping problems and headaches and dealing with drug abuse.

If you think that you are suffering from any of these problems, then yoga will be the best treatment for you. It is because it has the following benefits.

• It relaxes the mind.

• It improves your attention.

• It sharpens your concentration.

With all of these benefits, you can easily deal with these problems.

Yoga is something that is known for several past years and this also proves to be effective. Look at my story. Apart from being an exercise, it has some amazing mental health benefits, and it is also great for spiritual development. Here we discussed some of the holistic benefits of yoga. Hope you could find them useful and will get to like yoga as much I do.

Lots of Love


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Lina Kochanske


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