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Meet Lina

Certified Holistic Wellness Coach, Meditation Teacher and Reiki Master

Hi, I’m Lina, I am your Wellness Coach, Meditation Teacher and Reiki Healer.


After 10 years of working in the financial sector I’m now following my passion and empowering others to overcome challenges, helping to reduce stress and follow happier and healthier lifestyles.

I trained with Holistic Coach Academy and The Priority Academy and am a fully certified Holistic Wellness Coach, Meditation Teacher and Reiki Master.

After years spent in high pressure, demanding environment following a conventional path I’m no stranger to long term stress, anxiety, depression and physical illnesses related to mental overload. I know how difficult it can be to make right decisions, concentrate and have enough energy to go through your day when you haven't got the right relaxation techniques to support your health. That’s why I’m here to help you.

I’ve been inspired by many great business and life coaches, healers, leaders, and other influential people that dedicated their jobs and lives to help others. In transforming my own life from frustrated office worker to liberated practitioner, I’ve also discovered ways to raise my energy, learn and grow through difficult situations and empower myself. It’s so important that we each follow our own unique passions and have the courage to be authentic to who we are.

My passion is helping you to restore your life balance and enabling you to feel more relaxed, focus and be confident in your next steps towards your healthy, happy life.


Through my coaching you will receive:

- My constant professional support, accountability and empathic understanding throughout the sessions,

- Help to uncover your daily habits that stop you from achieving your health goals,

- Gain confidence and guidance in planning your next steps towards better sleep, higher energy and concentration,

- Powerful and honest coaching that help you achieve your better health and build life long healthy habits,

- Help to discover stress management and relaxation techniques most suitable for you and your lifestyle.

Together, working in partnership, we will find step by step solutions on how to overcome your struggles and live a happy, healthy and balanced life.

I want to help you to enjoy the gift of self-love, knowing that you can achieve your desired results, healthier lifestyle, more fulfilling life with higher energy levels and more time to reach for your goals and enjoy life, become more connected to your community and give back to improve your environment.


I cannot wait to meet you and start working with you on your path to healthy lifestyle.

Lots of love!


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