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Healthy Holistic Lifestyle

I approach life and everything in it with a holistic point of view and respect. I will share some of my philosophies, ideas and upcoming events here. 

Healthy, Focused Mind and Daily Meditation

A healthy clear mind is the greatest treasure in life.

With a clear view, you can make any decision in your life and that decision will bring the most satisfying results because it comes from within.

When your mind is clear, you can hear your thoughts, feel emotions, feelings, and listen to your intuition. You can hear what your body is saying and what it needs to guarantee your physical and emotional health.

Your body and your mind are your life compasses, which you can only follow when the sky is clear with no fog or abstractions.

Now, how to have a clear mind all the time to make those right decisions?


Meditate as much as you can until your mind is clear. I will not lie to you, it can be hard to start and see immediate results when you have plenty of stress, responsibilities, things to do... etc. 

If you are determined, patient and committed, you will see those results, the clouds will start to clear one by one. You will start to feel relieved from all that pressure which can be very satisfying and lead you to the happiest time of your life, believe me, it has done for me.

I have started meditating regularly 5 years ago, fell in love with meditation and the serenity, clarity, focus and more that it brought to my life. My mind from always buzzing, clouded and chaotic is now 100% clear, free, concentrated on myself, my goals and the person I want to be. Believe me, when I say, that feels good!

I like to feel good, but even more to see others feeling good too. Because of that, I have become a certified meditation teacher and can confidently teach you to meditate. To make meditation your daily routine, feel its benefits and hopefully fall in love with meditation practice.

With 1 to 1 or group meditation sessions, we can find a way to make meditation personal to you that suits your needs or make it flexible and beneficial for the whole group.

I cannot wait to start!
Book the session if you are too.

With love!

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Meditation Group

Mindful Art Workshop in London

Saturday 24th September 2022

12.00pm to 3.00pm.


Come to relax and connect through Mindfulness

Join us for this Mindfulness Workshop on Saturday to relax and connect with your creative side.

We will start at 12 pm with a short introduction to each other and a Mindful Art Therapy session with Denise Scicluna followed by Mindfulness meditation in the park with Lina Kochanske.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

The meeting point is Southwark Park Bandstand.

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