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Choose Your Pricing Plan

  • Fast Relief Coaching

    1 h Stress Management|Relaxation|Raising your Vibrations
    Valid for one week
    • Free Initial Consultation
    • Find the way to relax easily
    • Reduce Stress and Anxiety
    • Increase your energy and focus
    • Find a quick solutions for your daily stress issues
    • 1 hour online sessions (face to face if possible)
  • Relaxed and Well YOU

    Six Online Coaching Sessions to become relaxed and well YOU.
    • Exclusive 6 weeks Coaching Program
    • Goal Clarity/Challenges/identification of current problems
    • Relaxation and healthy routine building and application
    • Accountability system to keep you focused and on track
    • Mindset change and Identity shift
    • Habit & Behaviour Building
    • Support towards your long term wellness goals
  • Online Meditation

    One Online Private Meditation Session
    Valid for one week
    • Relax, learn meditation postures and breathing techniques
    • Increase your concentration, focus and reduce stress
    • One to One session with all attention on you
    • Flexible, online sessions
  • 7 Meditations Bundle

    7 Online Private Meditation Sessions
    Valid for 7 weeks
    • Learn mediation postures and breathing techniques
    • Relax your body and mind
    • Increase your focus, concentration and improve your sleep
    • One to One Sessions with All Attentions on You
    • Improved Your Daily Meditation Practice
    • Learn Different Meditation Techniques
    • Find the right meditation for you
  • Reiki Healing

    1h Reiki Attunements/Healing Sessions
    • Energy scanning
    • Activating your energy
    • Attuning your energy to a Life Force Energy frequency
    • Higher vibration, sense of calmness and potential healing
    • can be achieved with these sessions
    • 25% off for distance Reiki Healing sessions now
  • Group Workshops

    Wellness Workshops for 15 people and more
    • Mindfulness Workshop online or in person
    • Meditation Workshop online or in person
    • Aromatherapy Workshop online or in person
    • Tai Chi Workshop online or in person
    • Stress Management Workshop online or in person
    • Workplace Wellbeing Workshop online or in person
    • Price is for a 15 people group or £10 per person
    • 1 hour workshops
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