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Importance of self-love and self-care in life.

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Self-Love and Self-care: Importance and Advice

In a world where people will not let go off any opportunity to use and manipulate you; in a world where eventually you may have no one to be there for you except yourself; and a world where people may stomp over you and your self-respect anytime you want, self-love and self-care are the 2 things that matter the most.

What is self-care?

As the name suggests, self-care means to look after yourself: both physically and emotionally. In self-care people change their diet plans, exercise and sleeping routines, and may even rejuvenate the way they deal with people socially. For example, they may change their social groups or friend circles. The ultimate goal is to look after one’s self and ensure their physical and emotional wellbeing.

What is self-love?

Self-love is what leads to self-care. Self-love is realizing your worth, and understanding that you are as human as others who deserve to be loved and taken care of by oneself. When an individual starts loving himself or herself, they ensure that personal boundaries are in place, and no one is allowed to stomp over their self-respect and self-worth.

In self-love you may put yourself above all others (although not necessarily), and even if you give others importance, it is ensured that it does not come at the cost of your respect and worth.

Importance of self-love and self-care:

Unfortunately, it is either in our nature, or our society is structured in such a toxic way that people think only of themselves and their personal benefit. Our philosophers and political theorists of the past imagined the purpose of a “society” being collective benefit, where everyone looks after another and puts the collective good of the community above their personal desires.

However, by the way things are, it seems like this is not how society turned out to be. In fact, with the emergence of the capitalist system, and destruction of family structure people have become even more isolated and neglected overall.

This has caused a major turnover. More and more people are suffering from depression and loneliness, and the suicide rates keep skyrocketing with time.

Now as selfishness increases, the only thing that can keep us going and happy in this world is looking after, and taking care of ourselves. Moreover, that can only be ensured if we realize our self-worth and start loving ourselves. This makes self-love and self-care so important because now if you are not going to look after yourself and lift yourself up, who will?

Advice regarding self-care:

Do remember that self-love and self-care does not mean that others are neglected. You still may have people in your life that need you, your love, and your care. Be there for them, and it will increase the probability of them being there for you. That being said, do not depend on anyone except yourself.

You cannot expect everyone to treat you like the way you treat them, because ultimately, we humans cannot truly understand each other. Nevertheless, here are some tips on how you can take care of yourself.

Do not accommodate mockery:

Some people are humble enough to not respond to mockery and take it. However, there is a limit to how much one can take without hurting their self-worth. Do not allow people to make a mockery out of you by setting up your boundaries.

Do not miss out on therapy and coaching:

We may need both physical and emotional therapy and coaching. It will make us healthier and happier, since we can overcome all the physical and emotional weaknesses we may have.

Have a healthy and versatile diet:

Eating the same diet may lead to excess of some nutrients and lack of other important elements. This may harm your both physical and mental health in the long run. Ensure a healthy diet to avoid being overweight, and versatility to become stronger overall.

Train your body and mind:

Set up an exercise regimen to strengthen your body and improve your physical mood.

Relaxing, pampering rituals at home:

Taking care of your looks, your skin and your muscles is a right of your body. Make sure you treat yourself with regular self care rituals at home while we can not visit salons now to ensure that.

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Feed your brain:

Education and growth is very important for a healthy brain and your mindset. Read, journal, exercise your brain with various activities that can expand your knowledge and supply with growth.

Meet New people in life:

Restricting yourself to one social structure and mentality will limit your capabilities and keep you in a small cocoon. Explore the world around you by meeting new people.

Loving and taking care of yourself is a good habit which will encourage others to do the same eventually, making society healthier and happier overall.

Look after yourself you worth it!

With Love


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Lina Kochanske

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