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Toxic unhealthy relationships and its effect on our emotional health.

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

You fell in love with an amazing person and believe that he is the best for you until he is not the same anymore. You think that the person you have selected will never hurt you and he will always be by your side through thick and thin. You believe he always wants the best for you but it is not always true.

After sometime you start feeling that you are not in a healthy relationship. Here we have everything you should know to identify a toxic relationship and how it affects your emotional health.

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Signs of unhealthy toxic relationship

Look out for following signs if you think you are not in a healthy relationship.

• Lack of respect. Your feelings and emotions are not respected.

• You will feel like your decisions are not important to your partner anymore

• Your partner will not make any efforts towards your relationship.

• Dishonesty is the main warning sign of a toxic relationship. You will notice that your partner is often lying to you.

• Your partner does not trust you. He/she will start questioning you about your location and activities that will be frustrating.

• There is a lack of communication because you stop sharing important events of your life with your partner.

• Physical, verbal and even emotional abuse will be common.

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Effects of toxic relationship on emotional health

An unhealthy toxic relationship can damage your emotional health in the following ways.

1. Guarded behaviour

If you have suffered from a toxic relationship the first change you will notice in your behaviour is that you will become more guarded. You can develop a mindset that everyone will hurt you. It will become tough for you to get into new relationship again.

2. Negative thoughts

Your thoughts can become more negative. You will see a negative aspect of everything and it can also disturb your peace of mind. It will become easier for you to shut people out of your life. It will be hard for you to stay happy.

3. Trust issues

The biggest issue you can face is that it will be hard for you to trust someone again. You will take a lot of time accepting someone as your partner again.

4. Destroyed self-esteem

Toxic relationships can completely damage your self-esteem. You can instantly get hurt by the emotions of others and can try your best to assure that no one will get hurt because of you, even if it will destroy your self-esteem.

5. Hinder personal growth

You can remain emotionally exhausted and it will surely hinder your personal growth. You can find it hard to focus on given tasks and struggle with creative ideas.

No doubt it is hard to get out of a toxic relationship especially when you love your partner. However, it is better to leave such people as soon as possible and move on. If you find it hard to tackle your emotions in such situations you can look for helping relief in coaching.

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