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Toxic Foods and Ayurveda body types and diet!

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Healthy lifestyle begins with a healthy diet. The biggest mistake that we make is we are consuming unhealthy and low-quality food items. It affects not only our digestive system but also our overall physical and mental health. Consuming toxic foods is the major cause of health issues in the present age. Ayurveda diet is the best solution in this situation.

Toxic Foods and Ayurveda body types and diet!

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An insight to Toxic foods

You will be surprised to know that most of the items that we consume on a daily basis have various toxic substances and ingredients that should be avoided at all costs. Here are a few toxic foods that you should be avoiding.

  • Refined vegetable oils consist of a high amount of omega-6 fatty acids which causes cancer and other health issues.

  • Foods in plastic packaging like bottled water should be avoided because it has BPA that increases the risk of infertility.

  • Trans fats are inflammatory and increase the risk of heart problems.

  • Added sugars increase the risk of diabetes.

Ayurveda body types and diet

Ayurveda is an ancient health system that came from India. It is the fastest way to achieve a healthy lifestyle. You can get a perfect diet plan related to your body type instead of focusing on meals, supplements and foods. Here are a few common Ayurveda body types and diets that you should be following.

1. Kapha Dosha

Such individuals have wide shoulders and hips, good stamina and thick wavy hair. Khapa people should reduce the consumption of oils, fats, salt and sweet because their digestion is a bit poor. They should consider cooking foods with a lot of spices.

Khapa people should include healthy legumes in their diet because they are good for their health. High in fiber foods like fruits and vegetables are good for them. They should also consider maintaining an exercise routine because it will provide physical and mental benefits.

2. Pitta Dosha

Pitta people have a medium build physical structure with a good muscle tone. They have high energy levels and a good digestive system. However, they face issues like premature balding and graying of hair.

They should consider having aloe vera juice with pomegranate juice in the morning. They should avoid acidic foods, coffee, vinegar, alcohol and hot spices. Pitta people should include lots of fruits in their diet like mangoes and melons. As well as consider including vegetables in a diet with high water content like kale, cucumber, lettuce and more.

3. Vata Dosha

They have a slender body type due to which it is often hard for them to gain healthy body weight. Vata people have thin body strength and low muscle tone. They maintain a routine. They can benefit from spiced almond or coconut milk. They should avoid carbonated drinks, dry foods, raw or cold vegetables. They should include cooked, soupy and warm foods. Lots of vegetables and nuts are good for their diet.

Bottom line

If you are confused or need some extra help you can consult a holistic coach. The experts will not only guide you toward the right selection of a healthy diet plan but also help you maintain a peaceful and healthy lifestyle.

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