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Lina Kochanske - Holistic Wellness & Meditation Coach 

►►►I have been driven towards holistic coaching from needing the help myself while working in a high pressured finance job. However, I have always had a fascination for holistic wellness, emotional intelligence and natural solutions. When I found myself imbalanced at my job I applied the same practices I now teach my clients - focusing on body, mind and soul wellness. In no time I have convinced my managers and staff to participate in yoga and meditation after work as a way to be both in alignment and more productive at work.


►► I help people in high-pressure environments who struggle with stress and finding their health and wellness affected by it, but can not find and implement the right relaxation techniques to feel better. 

► I qualified as holistic wellness and meditation coach to offer 1-2-1 coaching and teach mediation as a simple and practical relaxation technique to reduce stress, anxiety, chronic pain and much more. 


★ Relaxation and finding peace within.

★ Stress and Anxiety management.

★ Clarity enhancement.

★ Listening to your inner voice.

★ Self-awareness and self-control.

★ Gaining Confidence.

★ Raising emotional intelligence level.

★ Teaching simple but effective healthy habits implementation.

★ Building a rock-solid foundation for balance in life.

Together with you working in partnership via 1-2-1 online coaching, we will find step by step solutions on how to overcome your struggles, will find personalised relaxation techniques and help you live a happy, healthy and balanced life.

If you feel stressed or anxious at work and after, don't be scared to admit that, as it can cost you your health. Instead get the right help to reduce stress and calm anxiety through natural, non-harmful or invasive techniques which are easy to use and don't require a lot of time.

Book a call with me if you would like more information



James A. 

Lina has been coaching me mediation on a weekly basis for a couple of months now. Not only is she very knowledgeable on the practice of meditation, but she is also a caring and thoughtful teacher who has her students' best interests in mind. Her teaching method involves a combination of critical feedback and positive reinforcement that ensures her students stay motivated and accountable. I have enjoyed my sessions with Lina and it has made learning meditation rewarding and fun!

Sabrina L.

Lina's holistic coaching practices have really helped to alleviate stress and find a calm and productive state of mind. She addresses all parts of your life to find what works for you and has a number of really practical suggestions. I highly recommend working with her

Ludovica Q.

I met Lina at self-development course, I like the genuine passion she puts in her profession as a meditation teacher. She has gave me strong basics fundamentals about posture and breathing and guided me and the group during the meditation. Her friendly and solar attitude makes you feel in good hands and she is open to fulfil any questions and give further suggestions on how to move on.

Gini G.

I highly recommend Lina as a professional, knowledgeable, hard working lifestyle coach. She has superb meditation teaching skills, injecting a variety of methods taking my meditation ability to another level and a very calming voice, all combined to help me focus more with less stress.

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